A God Who Sends

This message explores the concept of being sent by God to participate in His mission of redemption and restoration in the world. Dave emphasizes that throughout Scripture, God has been sending His people to proclaim the good news, serve the poor and marginalized, and bring healing to the broken.

As followers of Christ, we are called to partner with God in His ongoing work, empowered by the Holy Spirit and united as the Church. The sermon encourages the church to discern God's specific calling on their lives and to respond with faith, courage, and obedience.

Discussion Questions: 

1. What lessons can we learn from the sacrificial life of Father Damien caring for the leper colony on Molokai? How might God be calling you to sacrificially love and serve others?

2. How does the truth that 'as the Father has sent Jesus, so Jesus is sending us' shape your understanding of the Christian life and your purpose?

3. Dave quoted Chrostopher Wright who said: 'Mission was not made for the church; the church was made for mission, God's mission.' How should this perspective inform the priorities and activities of our church community?

4. Dave exhorts us to take simple, practical action to serve others and advance God's kingdom. What is one small step of obedience God is calling you to take this week in response to his sending?