John 21:3-19
A Beautiful Breakfast

Join Bretto as He brings a message entitled, "Breakfast on the Beach". This is a story of the power of redemption and new beginnings.

We open John 21 and delve into the transformative encounter between Peter and the risen Christ, reflecting on the grace that defines us rather than our failures. This is a call to embrace the invitation to follow Jesus, just as Peter did, and let the spirit of service and love reignite your passion and calling.

This message is a beacon of hope, inviting you to come as you are and be met with open arms and an opportunity to begin anew.

Discussion questions:

1. In the sermon, we explore Peter's emotional journey following the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Can you identify a time when you felt like retreating or escaping due to overwhelming circumstances? How does the story of Peter's encounter with the risen Christ on the beach inspire you in those moments? (John 21:1-14)

2. The message mentions the significance of Jesus inviting Peter to "Follow me" post-resurrection, mirroring His initial call to Peter. Discuss the implications of Jesus reissuing this invitation after Peter's failures. How does this resonate with your understanding of grace and new beginnings? (John 21:15-19)

3. Consider the difference between retreating to enhance reality versus escaping to avoid it. Share your thoughts on this distinction and discuss how you might identify these patterns in your own life.

4. Bretto emphasised Jesus serving and accepting us without judgment. How does this perspective affect the way you interact with others who may be struggling with their own feelings of unworthiness or failure?

5. The act of Jesus preparing breakfast for His disciples is highlighted in the message as a demonstration of servant leadership and intimacy. How can we model this servant-hearted approach in our own communities? What might that look like in practice?