Luke 24:33-49
A Joyous Reunion

Join Dave as we recount the transformative power of recognizing Jesus post-resurrection, through the eyes of Cleopas, his companion on the road to Emmaus, and the disciples gathered in Jerusalem.

We focus on Jesus' journey through suffering, death, and resurrection, and how his presence with us is cause for incredible joy.

When we come to terms with the joy it is for Jesus to be with us and his unrelenting desire to be present in our lives, he opens our eyes to the revelation and truth of God's word and work.

Discussion Questions:

1. Reflecting on the sermon's theme of moving from 'I've got to' to 'I get to', how can we cultivate a heart of gratitude in our spiritual practices, turning obligations into opportunities for joy?

2. How does the joy of Jesus' reunion with His disciples after His resurrection inspire you to seek and celebrate moments of joy in your own relationships with God and others?

3. Consider the sermon's reflection on Jesus' embodiment of joy even through suffering. How can we find strength and joy in the midst of our own trials?