John 20:1-23
He Won't Stand You Up

This sermon paints a picture of hope and assurance found in the resurrection of Jesus, likening it to a breathtaking sunrise that brings light and warmth to the world.

Dave dives into the narrative of John 20:19, where Jesus appears to his disciples, offering them peace amidst their fear and disappointment. The message examines the promise of a new covenant and God's unfailing presence through the stories of Mary Magdalene and the disciples, whose sorrow is transformed into joy and reassurance by Jesus' eternal company.

Dave explores the theme of feeling abandoned or 'stood up' by the world and contrasts it with the certainty of Jesus' presence.

The sermon leads into a communal reflection on grace and salvation through the act of communion, reinforcing the message of renewal and God's constant presence in the face of life's chaos.

Key Thoughts:

The resurrection of Jesus symbolizes a new dawn, casting an all-pervading love across the world despite periods of darkness.

Jesus' steadfast presence throughout history is highlighted, with an emphasis on the new covenant's promise that God will never leave us.

The disciples' initial feelings of abandonment after Jesus' death are contrasted with the peace and assurance they receive from His resurrection.

The act of communion is presented as a celebration of God's everlasting presence and the new life given through Jesus' sacrifice.

The sermon assures us that in moments of loneliness, doubt, or when feeling 'stood up' by the world, Jesus stands with them, offering peace and companionship.

Discussion Questions:

1. Reflecting on the theme of Jesus' resurrection, how can we apply the promise of His presence to overcome feelings of abandonment in our own lives? (John 20:19)

2. In what ways does the new covenant, as described in Jeremiah 31:31, bring hope and assurance to our daily walk with God, especially during times of trial and uncertainty?

3. Discuss the transformation that took place in the disciples' hearts from fear to joy upon Jesus' appearance post-resurrection. How can we encourage each other to hold on to faith during periods of fear and doubt? (John 20:19-20)

4. Discuss the importance of recognising and responding to Jesus' invitation to an ongoing relationship, as symbolised by His standing at the door and knocking. How can we actively open the door to Him in our lives? (Revelation 3:20)