Luke 19:1-10
Finding Zacchaeus

Join us this week as we continue in our series 'At The Table."

In this message from Luke 19, where Jesus encounters Zacchaeus up a tree, we look at themes such as:

The Practice of Hospitality in Christianity: We look at the significance of meals in Jesus's ministry and the importance of hospitality within the early Christian church. Dave emphasizes the biblical exhortations for hospitality as a powerful witness of God's grace and love.

Seeking Jesus: We turn our focus to Jesus's encounter with Zacchaeus in Jericho. We unpack Zacchaeus' inner turmoil and desire for change.

Unsettled Desperation and Inner Undoing: An examination of Zacchaeus's transformation demonstrates his actions of seeking, running, and climbing as signs of a personal reckoning, and a reflection on the power of the Word of God to lead us towards a life of humility and love.

Jesus Calls Zacchaeus Out of Hiding: Dave reflects on Jesus's capacity to see beyond our failings, calling us out of hiding in leafy but fruitless trees into a fulfilling relationship with Him, highlighting the significance of Jesus's sacrificial love.

Transforming Grace and Salvation Thanksgiving: Finally, we reflect on the transformative power of Jesus's presence and we land in gratitude for God's grace and the desire for a closer relationship with Jesus.

Discussion Questions:

1) In the message, the practice of hospitality is emphasized as critical to the mission of God. How can we incorporate this practice into our own faith communities, and what might be some barriers to doing so? (Refer to Romans 12:13 and Hebrews 13:2 for biblical context.)

2) Personal transformation is a key theme in the message. What does it mean to be 'reborn' in the context of Christian faith, and how does the story of Zacchaeus illustrate this concept?

3) Consider the metaphor of the sycamore tree in Zacchaeus's story. What might be the 'sycamore trees' in our lives that we need to step out of to fully embrace the light of Christ?

4) The message concludes with an affirmation of Jesus's love for Zacchaeus and each of us. How can we personally respond to Jesus's invitation to accept his grace, and how might this acceptance change the way we live?