Luke 7:36-50
Grateful For Grace

Join us as we explore the transformative encounter between Jesus and a sinful woman at Simon the Pharisee's table, examining the profound implications of grace and forgiveness. We'll delve into Simon's internal struggle with Jesus' identity and the deeper message of the gospel. Lastly, we reflect on the importance of thankfulness in our lives, drawing parallels between the biblical narrative and our own journeys of redemption. This is a call to embrace a new life of service and love, following in the footsteps of Jesus.

Discussion Questions

1. Reflecting on the story of the woman at the Pharisee's dinner in Luke 7:36-50, how does this narrative challenge our perceptions of others and invite us to encounters with transformative grace?

2. Considering the power of thankfulness, discuss how the story of the sinful woman at Jesus' feet exemplifies a sinner's journey to redemption and the importance of worship as a response to grace.

3. The sermon spoke of embracing thankfulness as a powerful expression of our journey with God. Share ways in which you can express thankfulness in your life this week.