Luke 5:27-32
The Table of Grace

Have you ever pondered the sheer breadth of grace extended by Jesus, particularly in His call to Matthew, the tax collector? This message delves into this powerful Gospel moment from Luke 5:27, amplified through a scene from 'The Chosen' series. Join us as we unpack the radical inclusivity of Jesus' ministry, inviting even the most unlikely individuals into His fold. We're not just storytelling; we're journeying deep into the heart of what it means to be summoned by Christ, irrespective of our past.

At the core of Jesus' message lies a table where all are welcome, and this week, we step into the realm of shared meals and their profound ability to bridge gaps between diverse groups. We take you back to the joyous feast at Levi's house, where laughter and fellowship disrupted the era's standards. By breaking bread with tax collectors and sinners, Jesus modeled radical hospitality that confronted the self-righteousness of the Pharisees. We explore how this act of communion can reshape our own communities, prompting a shift from erecting barriers to extending open invitations.

Discussion Questions: 

1. Reflecting on the sermon's exploration of Jesus calling Levi, the tax collector, in Luke 5:27, how does Jesus' approach to choosing His disciples challenge our understanding of worthiness and inclusion in God's kingdom?

2. Jesus' interactions with tax collectors and sinners, as mentioned in the sermon, confront the self-righteousness of the Pharisees. How does this narrative shape our views on grace, and how can we guard against the trap of self-righteousness in our own lives?

3. The sermon encourages us to "build longer tables rather than higher fences." In what practical ways can we extend the love and grace we have received from Jesus to others in our community?

4. Considering the sermon's message about Jesus's inclusive table, how do you interpret the phrase "the ground at the foot of the cross is level"? Discuss the implications of this statement for how we view ourselves and others.