Acts 2:14-41
Sent with the Presence

This message explores the historical progression of how God has made His presence known throughout Scripture, culminating in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. This event marked a new era where all believers can experience God's presence directly and serve as His representatives in the world. The implications for our spiritual life are profound - we are now called to be a "kingdom of priests," actively sharing God's presence and love with others.


- God desires for all His people to experience His presence, not just a select few.
- As believers filled with the Holy Spirit, we are now living temples of God's presence.
- Our calling is to be aware of, expectant of, and available to God's presence working through us.

Discussion questions:

1. In what ways might we be 'outsourcing' our relationship with God to others or technology, and how can we refocus on direct encounters with Him?

2. How does understanding ourselves as 'carriers of the very presence of divine God on earth' change our perspective on our daily interactions and responsibilities?

3. How might our understanding of church change if we truly embraced the concept of being 'a kingdom of priests' rather than 'a kingdom with priests'?

4. What practical steps can we take to be more 'available' to God's leading in our everyday lives, regardless of our circumstances?