Acts 1:1-14
Waiting Well

In this message, Dave explores the spiritual discipline of waiting and its profound impact on our faith journey. Drawing from Acts 1:1-14, we see how Jesus instructed His disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the promised Holy Spirit. This waiting period wasn't idle; it was a time of preparation, unity, and devoted prayer. We learn that waiting is not just something we endure until we get what we want, but a crucial part of becoming who God wants us to be.

The message challenges us to consider what God might be asking us to let go of during our seasons of waiting - whether it's disappointment, fear, unforgiveness, or the need for certainty. By embracing these times of preparation, we position ourselves to receive God's power and promises in His perfect timing.

Discussion Questions:

1. How can we cultivate patience and learn to 'wait well' in our spiritual lives, especially when facing long periods of unanswered prayer or unfulfilled hopes?

2. How does the concept of 'waiting' in Acts 1 challenge our modern desire for instant gratification and quick solutions in both spiritual and secular contexts?

3. What role does community play in supporting believers during times of waiting, and how can we better encourage one another in these seasons?

4. In what ways can periods of waiting reveal and challenge our idols or misplaced sources of security and comfort?

5. In what ways might our periods of waiting be opportunities for witness and ministry to others, even as we struggle with our own uncertainties?