Luke 10
Sent to Build, Serve, and Share

Luke 10 challenges us to be a church that sends people out with a kingdom mindset - to build authentic relationships, serve others' needs without judgment, and proclaim God's love without conditions.

We are called to go beyond our comfort zones and engage with people where they are, sharing meals, 'lingering' to build trust, and ministering to the sick and hurting. Our role is not to save people, but to point them to Jesus and the reality of God's kingdom in tangible ways.

As we go into the world, may we be empowered by the Spirit to connect, serve, and share the good news with everyone we meet.

Discussion Questions:

1. In what ways might building authentic relationships and trust with others, without judgment, reflect the heart of God's kingdom?

2. How can we balance the call to serve and minister to people's needs without imposing our own agendas or biases?

3. In light of the sermon's emphasis on being sent to connect, serve, and share, what specific opportunities or challenges do you sense God calling you to engage with in your own life and community?

4. How can we cultivate a posture of humility, openness, and compassion as we seek to build bridges and share God's love with others, particularly those who are different from us?

5. In what ways does the vision of a church that sends people out to love and serve, rather than simply attracting them in, resonate with your understanding of God's heart for the world?