On God's Mission

This message reminds us that the essence of mission is loving the person in front of us, no matter how simple the act may seem. We hear the powerful story of teaching a man to read a measuring tape, illustrating how even seemingly unproductive moments can profoundly impact lives when done with love. The message challenges us to ground our service and outreach in genuine care for individuals, letting God work through us as we take time to listen, understand, and connect heart-to-heart. As we engage in mission, whether in our local communities or across the globe, may we never lose sight of the transformative power of love.

Discussion Questions:

1. Phanet shared about the transformative impact Kingsway Cambodia is having on the lives of vulnerable young people. How can we, as a church family, continue to support and pray for this ministry, and what lessons can we learn from their example of Christlike love and service?

2. Platform 9's mission is to provide 'shelter, community, and a fresh start' to those experiencing homelessness and domestic violence. What role do you believe the church should play in addressing these critical social issues, and how can we balance meeting practical needs with sharing the hope of the gospel?

3. The testimonies shared in this message emphasized the importance of prayer and financial support for Kingsway Care's various ministries. What are some creative ways we can rally together as a church family to meet the $50,000 annual fundraising goal and demonstrate our commitment to advancing God's kingdom work?

4. Keith and Marjorie expressed deep gratitude for the love and support they received from our church family during Paul's illness and passing. How can we continue to be a source of comfort, encouragement, and practical help to those in our community who are grieving or going through difficult seasons?

5. As we reflect on the various ministries and missions highlighted today, what common themes emerge about God's heart for the vulnerable, the power of community, and the call to love sacrificially? How might God be inviting you personally to grow in these areas, and what practical steps can you take to respond in obedience?