1 Samuel 3
Being Unproductive in the Presence

Join us as we unpack the power of being unproductive in the presence of God. In this message we hear a number of encouraging testimonies of God at work in our church community, tune in and be blessed!

The Power of Prayer: We delved into the importance of creating space for prayer in our lives, much like Samuel's experience in the temple, and the significance of being attuned to God's whispers.

Finding Stillness: In the chaos of life's rhythms, we discussed being still in God's presence as a way to remind us to focus on being present with Him.

Worship and Provision: We shared personal testimonies of how worship and reflection on scriptures, like Mark 8, can reveal God's grace and provision in our lives.

Community Strength: Heartwarming stories from early childcare and personal journeys of faith highlighted the supportive nature of our church community and the comfort found in fellowship.

Invitation to Prayer: This sermon closes with a call to embrace the biblical call for the church to be a house of prayer, emphasizing the transformative power of prayer and community.

Discussion Questions: 

1. In what ways can we find stillness in our busy lives to better hear the whispers of God, as Samuel did in 1 Samuel 3? How can we apply the lessons from Samuel's experience to our own practice of listening for God's guidance?

2. Reflect on the idea that "my house shall be called a house of prayer" from Isaiah 56:7 and reiterated by Jesus in Matthew 21. What does this mean for our personal lives and our faith communities?

3. Share a time when you felt God's provision in your life during a difficult season, similar to the testimony related to Mark 8. How did it transform your faith and trust in God?

4. Reflect on the metaphor of a duck bobbing along on the water, representing tranquility and steadiness in faith. How can we embody this steadiness amidst life's ebb and flow, as encouraged by Philippians 4:7?

5. Consider the statement from the sermon: "God's words to Samuel never fell to the ground." In what ways can we live so that God's words have a profound effect in our lives and don't "fall to the ground"?