Luke 1:26-38

The Christmas season can often be dominated by consumerism and busyness. Let's take a step back together and explore the intimate encounter between Mary and the angel Gabriel, revealing the true meaning of Christmas and God's new creation. From this awe-inspiring encounter, we uncover nine expectations we can have of God - including His unwavering belief in us, His unending purpose, and His deep mercy and love. We also remind you not to give up on prayer and to persist in faith, even when prayers seem unanswered and doubt creeps in.

As we journey through this faith-filled conversation, we draw comparisons between the stories of Zechariah and Mary, reminding you that God often shows up in the most surprising places. Personal experiences are shared to embolden listeners to expect to find God in unlikely situations. We close by praying for the Holy Spirit to strengthen us all to share our stories, to reject mediocrity, and to fully embrace the blessings God has for us. So, join us for this heartening dialogue as we explore faith, expectation, and the unexpected encounters with God.