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In 2022 our goal as Kingsway Churches is to raise $100,000 beyond our regular giving to empower and support our local and global partnerships and churches. 

The biggest needs in this season are: 

Kingsway Cambodia: $20,000: Cambodia has been hit hard by the Covid pandemic, with the country losing 70% of its normal income through tourism and the ongoing impacts of the virus on a developing nation. Kingsway Cambodia relies heavily on our financial support. 

Hands at Work (Africa) $22,500: This directly supports 75 children in the village we partner with, providing education, food and nutrition, medical support and more. These children would not get the care they need without our ongoing support through Beyond. 

Kingsway Care Inc: $22,500: (Platform 9, Jacaranda Cottage and SeeChange OpShop) Ongoing support of our core local missional partnerships, seeing those in need, homeless and in at risk environments cared for, empowered, and loved. 

The remaining funds raised through Beyond are distributed across our other key partnerships: Common Grace (Australia), Books Over the Sea (Fiji) and Open Doors (serving the persecuted church).

How we're making a difference

We directly support 75 children in the village of Mount Moriah in Zambia. The children of this village in incredibly vulnerable with limited access to healthcare, education and support. Our giving helps support care workers, provide practrical assistance for the runinng of their care centre and help meet the needs of the 75 children we support through their programs.  

Regina's Story

Three years ago Regina’s* life changed forever when she lost both of her parents. Suddenly, at just seven years old, she was alone in the world, and she felt like she had no one to care for her. 

Care Workers heard of Regina’s story and visited the family to learn more. As they spent time getting to know Regina it was evident that the deep layers of trauma she had faced in her life were causing her outbursts and unsettling behaviour. In response, Care Workers invited Regina to attend the Care Point, where she would receive the love and care she so desperately needed.

Today, 10-year-old Regina is described by Care Worker Rosemary as having her challenges but also as a sweet young girl who likes spending time with her friends at the Care Point.

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